Plain samples (without overprinting or imprinting) of most HoloBrands stock images are available as pressure sensitive stickers. One large image (6¾") or up to four smaller images are provided and shipped free of charge upon request. Additional samples are $4.00(R) per image for 6.75" sizes and $2.00(R) for smaller sizes. Product samples are also available. These have random images and overprints and are charged according to the listed minimum volume pricing. There is a minimum $10.00(v) charge for samples (plus shipping) for billable sample orders.

For all matte etch orders, and for overprinted foil stamp or silk screen orders of 5000 pieces or more, a production proof will be submitted for approval prior to final production. If one is required, there is a $100.00(v) production proof charge for foil stamp or silk screen orders under 5000 pieces. We're sorry, but pre-production proofs are not available due to cost and time constraints. Changes made at the proofing stage (unless it is our error, of course) will be billed at the normal set-up charge, and may cause a delay in delivery.

Due to the high cost of set-up and production, HoloBrands cannot provide speculative samples. You can, however, create your own by photocopying your artwork onto a clear transparency, and placing it over a sample of the hologram in which you are interested. HoloBrands will perform this service as well for $30.00(v) per image sample.


A 50% deposit is required along with your purchase order. The balance is net due upon shipment, or net 30 on an approved credit portion. Prices do not include shipping charges. Standard delivery will be 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of deposit, camera ready art, and purchase order. Check with your HoloBrands¨ sales representative if a quicker turn-around is needed, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

All prices are subject to change without notice. All orders are subject to approval by HoloBrands


All HoloBrands products include a one-color custom overprint of your ad copy, logo or other line art. For some products, we overprint on top of the hologram image, for others on the product itself (see product photos). There is a $75.00(v) set-up charge for each color plate.

All pricing assumes that the client will provide camera ready art (black copy on clear acetate film at actual size), or at the very least, 600 dpi black copy on white paper at actual print size. Artwork cannot include halftones or bleeds, and HoloBrands reserves the right to reject artwork that is incompatible with our print processes. If you are unable to provide camera ready art, HoloBrands offers a full range of graphic and output services. Custom design and output is billed at $75(v) per hour (half-hour minimum charge) on an individual job basis.

Overprinting is a traditional printing process which utilizes either silk screening or hot foil stamping to print on top of a hologram image or product. HoloBrands will determine the most appropriate printing method for the products or images you select. The silk screen process permits PMS color matching, however hot stamping can only be applied in black or using a holographic rainbow diffraction effect (please note that overprinting has a plus or minus 1/16" registration tolerance, so the actual position of artwork may vary slightly). Matte etch imprinting (on hologram images only) provides a silvery-white etched effect to artwork and text. Unlike imprinting, it is placed directly into our hologram production plates. Though this type of printing carries a considerable set-up cost $1500(v) vs. $75(v) for overprinting, it becomes cost effective relative to overprinting at quantities above 5000 pieces. Custom looking holographic diffraction 2D sufrace etching is available on any HoloBrands image for a one time set up fee of $1500(v).


Please refer to the individual PRODUCT PAGES for pricing. Product prices are per piece and include the stock hologram image of your choice selected from among those available for that particular product. All prices include single-color overprinting. Set-up is not included. There is a $75.00(v) set-up charge for each color plate.


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