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During our twenty years in the holography field, we've built a reputation of innovation, quality, and service by producing fine, custom holograms. To this day, we remain a world leader in the production of state of the art custom holographic imagery. However, with pre-production design, tooling and proofing charges in the $2,500-$10,000(v) range, custom embossed holography isn't for everyone. That's why we created HoloBrands.

Developed as the answer to short run or quick delivery projects, HoloBrands is the world's largest selection of stock image holograms created specifically for advertising and promotional use. Our holograms have all of the depth and power of custom holograms (in the trade, they're known as fully dimensional, embossed rainbow holograms) without the high set-up costs. They may be customized with clients' logos, ad copy, slogans or promotional themes. Or, they may be used on their own as embellishments to printed material and nearly any promotional item with a surface flat and smooth enough to accept a pressure sensitive label.

Burton Snowboard Stickers/peel-off
Burton Snowboards/peel-off custom holo security stickers

HoloBrands stock holograms add the essential elements of impact, pass around value, and longevity to your promotional projects, without the high set-up costs of custom holography. Even in limited production runs, they are among the most cost-effective marketing tools available, giving more bang for the buck than any other promotional medium.

The HoloBrands website is organized around three main sections: promotional products, stock images and security holograms. There are two simple approaches to finding what you need: identify a suitable product, then choose an image which fits the theme of your project from among those listed next to the product; or conversely, identify an image which fits your theme, and then choose from among the available products listed next to the image. If you are unable to find a product or stock hologram image which meets your requirements, please describe the project to your HoloBrands sales representative, and we'll do our best to assemble an appropriate package. If you feel that fully-custom holography may be an option worth considering, refer to our section on custom holograms, then ask your HoloBrands sales representative to provide you with further details.

Although we have made every effort to provide high quality photo reproductions, photographs simply can't do justice to the real thing. We encourage you to ask your HoloBrands sales representative for samples of the hologram images you¹re considering before issuing a purchase order. In the meantime, enjoy the unparalleled variety of stock holographic images and promotional products presented throughout this site, then let your imagination soar...

While the majority of our offerings feature dimensional hologram images, HoloBrands also showcases a number of products which utilize holographic diffractive patterns. People occasionally refer to both types as holograms, but they are distincly different, and we think it's important to distinguish between them.

Dimensional holograms are sophisticated, three-dimensional images. Created by recording laser beam light reflected off an object, dimensional holograms produce an illusion of depth that conveys "state of the art" as no other two dimensional visual medium can. Holograms reflect light differently under various lighting conditions. Direct sunlight and the focused lighting of spotlights or halogen lamps provide superlative detail and clarity. Diffuse fluorescent lighting or shaded natural light provide less than optimal viewing conditions. The bottom line, though, is that under most conditions, dimensional holograms command attention.

Sometimes referred to as "wallpaper backgrounds" because they cover the entire surface of a graphic area, diffraction patterns are characterized by bright rainbows of shimmering light. Diffraction materials are used commonly today, from wrapping paper to bumper stickers, so our patterns have been designed to provide additional punch and light interplay. In addition to the diffractive offerings in our product section, be sure to have your HoloBrands sales representative furnish you with our HoloBrands Diffraction Labels product sheet.

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