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Holograms belong to a class of images known as Diffractive Optical Variable Image Devices (DOVIDs) and are rapidly becoming the quintessential method of protection against counterfeiting. Highly valued for security, DOVIDs can only be produced using expensive, specialized and technologically advanced equipment. They cannot be replicated by color copiers, computer scanning equipment, or by standard printing techniques (analog or digital )since they are governed by different physical properties (holograms diffract light whereas print reflects it). Given that counterfeiters inherently select the path of least resistance, encountering a security hologram will frequently cause them to abandon their efforts to copy your product and move on to easier targets. As a result, the use of hologram security devices virtually guarantees product authenticity.

Security holograms have become well-established in many industries and are commonly found on a host of products and packaging, including compact discs, computer software, cosmetics, watches, and sporting goods. Other security uses include clothing hang tags, certificates (automobile registration, fine jewelry, etc.) tickets (concert, sporting event, etc.), passes (ski lift, back stage, etc.), and many kinds of identification and membership cards You probably have a security hologram in your pocket...there has been one on every VISA® and MASTER CARD® produced for the past twelve years! DOVID¹s also grace federal currency and passports in countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Kuwait, Switzerland, and Russia. In the United States, you¹ll find high security DOVIDs on driver's licenses in many states, as well as on postage stamps and a variety of government issued bonds and certificates.

WHY USE HoloBrands?
We¹ve found that there are an extraordinary number of businesses that would benefit from the use of security holography, but whose budgets can't accommodate the high tooling costs of custom security holograms, or whose time constraints won¹t allow for the complex design and proofing stages which custom work requires. HoloBrands® was created to address these issues.

All HoloBrands® holograms employ a combination of overt and covert security components. Overt DOVIDs are visible to anyone and everyone who views them (no special experience or equipment is necessary to see the image and/or information contained in the DOVID). Covert elements can take many forms, from highly secure machine readable authentication to proprietary graphics which can be identified only by a trained eye.

HoloBrands uses state of the art laser technologies when creating stock security holograms. Each image has certain unique features which make it visually exciting as well as difficult to copy. Even images which look simple are actually created using highly complex techniques, many of which are proprietary to the lab in which they were created.

The decision to integrate a security and authentication system into your organization's product line or printed documents is a positive marketing step as well as a prudent economic choice. According to IHMA1, when properly carried out, the system should accomplish all of the following:

For a printed item, such as an identity card or document with intrinsic or exchange value:

The importance of adding security features to a product or document depends upon the magnitude of the potential loss. Simply adding a hologram to your product will not prevent counterfeiting, but it significantly ups the ante for the counterfeiter. The security a hologram provides is to some extent tied to the complexity of the image, and since not all products need the same protection, HoloBrands® produces DOVIDs in varying security levels. The required level can be determined by examining several factors, including actual or perceived product value, cost (in money or breach of security) if your product is bootlegged, and the likelihood that a counterfeiter will go to extreme lengths to copy both the product and its DOVID authentication. A useful analogy might be: to determine the height of the fence needed, you must consider whether its purpose is to keep school children from trampling the flower patch or to thwart professional mercenaries hired to steal your gold!

HoloBrands offers four different levels of security holographics: fully-custom holography, offering the highest level of security for large volume projects; custom etched holographic diffraction material and overprinted holographic diffraction foil for tightly budgeted projects; and customized stock holography, which offers both extremely high security and value for small to medium sized projects.

Fully-Custom Holography
Fully custom holography involves the design and creation of unique, proprietary images in three dimensions. However, with set- up costs ranging from $5,000(v) to $15,000(v) (depending on image complexity), fully custom holograms only become cost effective in volume orders around $15,000(v).

Custom-etched & overprinted materials
These DOVIDs are not dimensional holograms, but complex holographic diffraction patterns which emit bright rainbows of light. They can be holographically etched or overprinted with type and line art, and though a significant step down in security from our customized stock images, are quite suitable for limited budget projects (see our separate Diffraction Label info sheet for details).

HoloBrands Customized Stock Holography
HoloBrands offers a wide range of stock security images created using state of the art holographic techniques. When employed correctly, our stock security holograms provide the same functional level of security as fully-custom images‹but at a fraction of their cost, and for most projects, offer an unbeatable combination of protection and value.

HoloBrands stock security images may be purchased "as-is" in various sizes, or we can add your logo or text for a truly custom look. We are the only company in the world to offer these specific security images...which makes them extremely difficult and expensive for counterfeiters to acquire, and virtually impossible to copy exactly outside of the laboratory in which they were originally created. Furthermore, if we customize the image with company specific information, the customized image will never be produced or distributed without customer authorization.

HoloBrands stock security images are ready to use as-is for most light security needs. The following section describes a variety of customization options offered by HoloBrands. The prices are shown on the security label ordering and pricing page.

Custom Imprinting
HoloBrands offers a sophisticated and powerful way to customize the look of stock holograms, while adding significantly to their security value. For a one time set-up cost, we will etch your logo or ad copy into the holographic master shim, so that each hologram has your message showing as a 2D surface graphic. Customized images belong solely to the end-user.

Tamper Evident Adhesive
Tamper evident security adhesive is available on orders of 1,000 images or more. When a tamper evident hologram is applied to a smooth clean surface (plastic, metal or glass), it will self destruct if removed. The remaining portions of the original hologram will be invalid and unusable. This is an excellent treatment if a product can be out-dated or canceled after issue (e.g., ID cards), and without tamper-evident adhesive, the DOVID could be removed and applied to a counterfeit product.

Sequential Numbering
Sequential numbering, available on orders of 1,000 images or more, appears in black on top of the hologram in sizes of 1/16" or 1/8". Consecutive numbers can serve a variety of purposes, such as product tracking, inventory control, and multiple uses of a single stock hologram.

Special Die Cutting
HoloBrands stock security holograms are provided on rolls as kiss-cut square or round labels ready for hand application. However, many images can be die-cut in varying shapes and sizes for an even greater level of customization.

Cutting a label can be a complex issue and deserves special attention. For automatic application, the accuracy of cutting and uniformity of the repeat down the web is critically important. The prices in this catalog all assume that labels will be applied by hand. Please advise your HoloBrands sales representative if the project will require machine application and they will provide a job-specific quote. All labels are supplied with acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive.

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